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10 Signs of Kidney Failure & What You Should Do

People suffering from kidney diseases generally are not aware of it until a later stage as the symptoms are not seen initially. Only 10% of the people with chronic kidney disease know that they are suffering from one. If you are above 60, have a medical history of kidney problems or if you are suffering from high blood pressure/diabetes, then it is advisable to get tested every year. To make you aware about early signs of kidney disorders, Healers at Home have curated top 10 most observed kidney ailment symptoms:

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  1. The first and the foremost sign to look out for is when you constantly feel tired with little or no work following with low concentration when you work. Kidney dysfunction builds toxins and leaves behind impurities in the blood that causes the symptom. Kidney disorder also causes anaemia that directly is a reason for fatigue.
  2. When kidneys fail to filter the blood properly, you have a hard time sleeping due to accumulated toxins in the body.
  3. Dry and itchy skin accompany when the kidney is unable to rightly maintain minerals and nutrients in the blood.
  4. If you get up in middle of the nights to only pee, it might be a sign of kidney disease as when kidney filters are destructed it leads to a perpetual urge to urinate. Blood in the urine is a massive indicator of kidney disease, tumours, kidney stones or an infection.
  5. If your urine is foamy or has a different colour than usual then it might be a matter of worry. Anything weird with the urination should be immediately bought to a doctor’s notice.

Protein in the urine that is detected by foamy or bubbly urine is an indication that the kidney filters are damaged due to which the body is unable to store proteins in the body. This deficiency of protein is reflected in other parts like the eyes. Puffiness around the eyes shows a potential kidney disorder.

Declined kidney functioning causes excess sodium retention in the body that indirectly causes swelling in the ankles and feet. If you notice inflammation in the feet, get yourself tested. In spite of being a very general symptom, loss of appetite suddenly calls for attention.

Kidney dysfunction leads to low calcium and phosphorous levels in the body due to which you might experience muscle cramping.

If you observe even one of the above-stated symptoms immediately consult a doctor before it is too late to cure a kidney failure.

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