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10 Awesome Yoga Poses For Men

Yoga for men is a topic for taboo sometimes because some men feel privileged and macho to lift weights in the gym rather than performing basic yoga. Unfortunately, the bubble is popped and yoga for men is not a concern anymore. Infact with corporate yoga, it reaches to males more as females as according to a survey, there are more employed men in India than females. Healers at Home not only assist you with your yoga implementation and planning at home but makes sure that the basic yoga can be independently performed. Here are 10 top awesome and basic yoga poses for men:

Standing forward fold:

Standing forward pose is where you bent down touching your palms flat on the ground, if unable to touch the ground bend and get as low as you can This pose in yoga for men is excellent as it eases headaches, maintains blood pressure, helps you relax and sleep better.

standing forward fold

Warrior 1:

This pose hits exactly where it should, hips and shoulders. The pose opens up the parts for more stability, power and vigor.

warrier 1

Chair pose:

Chair pose works out the quads, ankles, butt and shoulders and at the same time stimulates abdominal organs. Chair pose is similar to a squat wherein you have to squat while you pretend to sit on a chair.

chair pose

Downward facing dog pose:

Men’s lower body is less strong as compared to women’s. Downward facing dog pose in yoga for men brings attention to the those tights parts that hamper men- hamstring, calves, shoulder, back and hips.

Downward facing dog pose

Upward facing dog:

Basic yoga is simpler to perform but is proficient in building your core strength. Upward facing yoga unlike downward concentrates on chest, back and arms. It also opens up the abdomen is works as an excellent warm up technique.

upward facing dog

Boat pose:

With yoga for men and boat pose in particular you can stay assured to get the macho out with that flashy abs. Beneficial for men to stimulate prostate gland, alleviates tension around the pelvic area and assist in achieving the dreamy 6 pack abs!

Butterfly pose:

Yoga for men should not be performed merely on name hearing. Butterfly pose as girly as it sounds is constructive for men. It shoots the blood flow in the pelvic area for a better performance in bed.


Half pigeon:

This posture is not easy to perform but works proficiently on hips, glutes and hamstrings.

half piegen

Bridge pose:

Bride you gap between salubrious health and unhealthy lifestyle with yoga for men but remember to start with basic yoga. Bridge pose raises the torso in the air but a lesser known fact is it helps you breathe better as the chest expands

bridge pose

Reclining hand to big toe:

This pose is not as tranquil as it sounds as execution of the same is demanding. Improve your digestion while you generate more energy only by touching you hand to toe!while you implement this pose!

big toe

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