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1 minute yoga workout to reduce anxiety


Anxiety is a phase that every individual has been through, knowingly or not. Be it sweating palms, before an office meeting, raging thoughts prior to a date or a pervasive loop of overthinking every night; anxiety comes in innumerably surprising forms. Anxiety holds the dynamism to take your mood from exceptionally good to awfully bad. But you cannot let anxiety do this to you every time, over and over again. Below is a discrete yoga pose, tried, tested and recommended by individuals that you can latch on to when anxiety peeps in!

  • Standing forward fold known as the transitional posture in yoga is the cop for anxiety, panic attacks and early signs of depression in real.
  • Stand straight with your feet placed at a hip-apart distance.
  • Inhale as you bring your hand to the hips and exhale as you bend at your hips.
  • Lower your knees to a position that makes you feel comfortable and bring your hands to each elbow thus allowing the weight to sync with the gravity.
  • On the instigation of this posture, you will immediately experience a well-stretched lower back, neck, shoulders, and spine.
  • Stay grounded for five full breaths and as you do this, feel the vibe of negativity escape from your body.
  • Concentrate solely on your breathing and embrace the tranquility.
  • Now slowly bring yourself up and take three deep breaths before you are ready to face the reality again!

Standing forward pose benefits:

Wondering how simply bending down and breathing can calm your anxiety? The pineal gland produces the good hormones like serotonin and melatonin in the body and standing forward pose stimulates the pineal gland in your brain. On executing this pose, your brain is literally forced to switch you in a better mood!

Why let anxiety down you beat you down every minute when you can take the power in your hands with yoga for depression? If you are at home, find your favorite corner and engage in this asana and treat yourself to your favorite meal later for better results. If you are out, go to the washroom or find a secluded place to perform this yoga pose and stumble across a calmer and saner you!

Still skeptical about giving it a try? Then, touch base with certified yoga tutors from Healers at Home to schedule a trial yoga class to witness the magic yourself and at the comforts of your home!


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