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Baby Sitting & Nany Care Services

Get a comprehensive care and support for the
mother and her new born baby

Why avail babysitting services?

  • Professional aid: Though all mothers and family members are blessed with a natural power to raise a baby, due to the delicateness of the situation veteran succor becomes inevitable. A nanny being qualified and trained for the duties thus forms to be a no-brainer for optimal mother and child care.
  • One-on- one care: A baby mandates constant attentiveness. As a new mother has to constantly juggle between her responsibilities towards the family and the baby, babysitting can be a good way out to look after the baby while catering to the former.
  • Convenience: For parents who work for long hours and have no elderly person to guide and help in the upbringing of the baby, nanny care promises to be a feasible option.

Why avail babysitting services from Healers at Home?

  • Every babysitter from Healers at Home is competent in their genre and has a wide level of exposure to oblige to their responsibilities with utmost proficiency.
  • Each stage of a mother’s and baby’s growth requires differential consideration, and we know how to deliver the same without a tint of slipup.
  • We offer nanny care services at home so that both the mother and the baby can build potency without travel conditions and at affordable prices.

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What are the different packages you offer?

We offer three different packages for mother and child care from which you can easily choose by clicking here.

Can I opt for any service individually without taking the package?

We believe in giving the best care to you and have designed the package very carefully so that you get the proper care needed.

What services do you provide under mother and child care?

We provide a complete care for the mother and the baby right from the pre-natal and childbirth consultation, facilitating pre-natal yoga for the mother, nutrition planning, postpartum care, post-natal yoga and other related services.

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