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Who should avail Personal Care services in Noida?

  • Ones facing immense difficulty in performing primary tasks, a home care attendant is the obvious solution. The basic problem can be in the implementation of rudimentary errands like dressing, bathing, and toileting or looking after optimum level of nutrition and medication.
  • When your loved ones, parents or senior citizens stay alone from you for a longer duration, they automatically feel lonely and alone. Home care attendants can be a professional substitute in your absence.
  • For the busy bees who are stuck in their corporate life but have a family member suffering from serious conditions like physical disabilities, cerebral palsy, etc., home care attendants safeguard them against unnecessary fumbles.

How to call for Home Care attendants in Noida?

  • When you have sensed the prerequisite for hiring a home care attendant, Healers at Home assures to handle the rest with absolute aptitude and sends across highly friendly, experienced and knowledgeable home care attendants who are versatile enough to perform an array of duties involving companionship and providing medication without a bug.
  • The home care attendants drop in at the time you choose to mingle with your family member. We believe in starting a bond before the restoration.
  • This collaboration with the dependents promotes ease in poaching a customized plan of care keeping in mind the member’s interests in mind and strive hard to push your family member to a level of fundamental self-sufficiency.

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What are the charges?

Our charges vary upon the severity of your condition and location.

How is it different from Nursing Care?

Attendants are not medical professionals like nurses, however we do train them for daily medical and living assistance.

Will the attendant perform other household tasks like laundry and washing dishes for the family?

Our attendants will perform tasks required for daily assistance and activities of the patient only.

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