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Who needs a Home Care attendant in Faridabad?

  • Anyone who needs assistance in performing chores like toileting, bathing, dressing or one who has just undergone surgery and needs aid recuperating from post-operative stiffness.
  • Patients supposed to visit the hospital for gentle massaging, blood pressure regulation etc. but cannot do so because of immobility and the working class; to pay heed to their parents in their absence.
  • Old adults who stay away from their families and need to shoo away loneliness can avail personal care services for companionship.
  • Aged group suffering from conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. mandate an attendant to look after their nutrition and medications.

How can you avail Personal Care services in Faridabad?

  • A simple booking with Healers at Home can cater as a solution to let any individual lead his life without much exertion.
  • Experts from Healers at Home select the most preeminent Home Care attendants in Faridabad after rigorous background verification thus ensuring unsurpassed experience and skills.
  • These Home Care attendants are then sent to your abode at the time that is suitable and fitted to the patient to best cater to needs.
  • Like the elucidation of a problem cannot be drawn without knowing the root cause, our Home Care attendants assess the state of the patient and accordingly craft a proficient and effective care plan in sync with their objective.

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What are the charges?

Our charges vary upon the severity of your condition and location.

How is it different from Nursing Care?

Attendants are not medical professionals like nurses, however we do train them for daily medical and living assistance.

Will the attendant perform other household tasks like laundry and washing dishes for the family?

Our attendants will perform tasks required for daily assistance and activities of the patient only.

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